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events cervia 2010


23. April - 2. Mai 2010
30. birthday


this photo page is my personal view from the festival . i was'nt allways with the camera arround
my first time in Cervia was in 1998, i missed it 2 times.
Pauline . Ulla . kisa.
Anna . kisa.
Fausto . Ivana . Steffi . Alessia
kisa. . Fausto & Ivana
skywalkers more
Nick . Roland . Ole
Melanie . Ruth . George
Robair . Ruth . Tim . Ramlal
Ruth . Tim
the first set up takes a while
L4a more
the pyjaman by Steffi
Anke . Steffi .
George . René
Melanie Walker . first quad
Robair . Anke . kisa.
silk paintings
das flugfeld more  
Nick . Ulla
Pauline . Roland

airworks studio more
Alessia Marrocu more
Anke Sauer more
Anna Rubin more
collaction more
Erin Curry more
Nick James more
Pauline Taylor more
Ramlal Tien more
Robert Trépanier more
Ulla Bebko more
WindFire designs more

and at night...................
moonwalk meets Abbey Road  
il majestro Cosimo
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