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events cervia 2008

Impressions from the 28. Festival Internationale dell' Aquilone, Riviera dei Pini, Cervia, 25. April - 04. May 2008.
das flugfeld link

VIDEO flugfeld in Cervia 2008 . wmv . 10,3 MB

Banners by Ulla and Pauline
Ruth and Alessia flying inside of a work made by Nick
Nadeln link
interview for Cosmo
banners by Pauline link

la macchina volante . video by roland

"la macchina volante" by Theatre Ciel Ouvert from Montreal.

The play is a story about travelling from the beautiful place "the same" to the place "not the same"

Vania Beaubien, Isabelle Rancier and Annie Valin took us on this journey, with lots of humor and astounding.

They have created the play specially for this kite festival, but it will work in any other as well, even non kite festivals.

Props and kites by Robert Trépanier
kite flying Robert, Anke and kisa.

Regie : Vania Beaubien

more pictures link second quater of the page

Anke link
Drachenbaukurse- kite-work-shops link
pyramid kites by Anke
face by Robair . pic © by Tim
kite by Anke . yellow kite by tim
kite by Fausto
kite by Ruth
angeli by Marco
Ulla and Arthuro

no limit goes landart . by Andi
banners by Ulla and Alessia
cocoon installation by Ulla la notte dei miracoli  
backround banners from france  
banners by Roland
la notte dei miracoli
photos © by Anke
photo © by Wally
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